Brand building


Urbacon, a successful construction and project management group, saw the need to reposition themselves within an expanding and increasingly competitive marketplace. Family-run for 20 years, Urbacon’s advantage was their knowledge of a very detail-driven industry.

A multidisciplined company, Urbacon had three core businesses: Interior Construction; Power System Design and Maintenance; and Construction and Project Management. A new Custom Homes division had recently been added, bringing their offering to four.
From their original market in Toronto, Urbacon had expanded to offices in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. As a growing company, Urbacon needed new marketing materials that would position them as a major player, highlighting a portfolio of 20 years, and emphasizing their process
and knowledge.
For the new Custom Homes group, an innovative door-opener seemed the best way to get the word out to potential clients such as architects. Thrive located a Frank Lloyd Wright wooden building block set that was ideal for the target market. This piece was designed to fit with the look and feel of the corporate brochure as part of an Urbacon communications package.
Brand Partner
Lee Jacobson Consulting


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