Environment Canada

Species at Risk


How do you brand a government endeavour? In particular, one that has so many issues for organizations and individuals alike, and is an emotional topic of serious concern to all
of us.

Working with Environment Canada’s “Species at Risk” division, Thrive proposed a series of applications to be utilized across many and various access points. All pieces had to be highly flexible, so some products were template driven, allowing them to be updated internally and output as needed, while still being true to the brand’s “look and feel”.
A bold, colourful illustration, replacing the typical “logo” approach, was used as the brand identifier. This highly graphic representation shows some of Ontario’s species at risk with focus on colour and texture that was used in whole or in part on applications such as fact sheets, business cards and posters.
The key was to be frugal, but not forgetful. Effort was spent on researching inexpensive materials and packaging to house a wide variety of products. It was important for this piece to be noticed, to be used as reference and to be displayed with honour by the recipient.


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