Giffin Koerth

Brand refresh


GK needed to clearly position itself as the Canadian leader in forensic engineering.

Differentiation in a professional services firm is tough. All competitors have talented people and nearly everyone uses the same processes to deliver the same services. As a result, competitive brands tend to blur together – sharing the same language and concepts.
We positioned GK around what really made it different – its character and approach to the overall business.
Key factors such as its commitment to truth over bias for clients’ preferred outcomes, its collaborative work style and its ability to communicate complex ideas clearly were rolled up into a positioning we termed “Smart Forensics” – a term that really resonated with GK’s professional team.
We captured this in a clean, bold graphic style built around the use of the Big Head and icons representing key concepts. The icon approach was extended to the service branding, helping to bring the many offerings into focus. Each area of communications was reengineering to accommodate the new look and thinking.
Brand Partner
Sideren Inc. (Harry Cornelius)


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