Mulvihill brand evolution


Mulvihill Capital Management Inc., a leading Canadian investment counsellor responsible for the management of institutional and private assets, was representing itself through the use of 3 or 4 different brand looks, which sent mixed messages to their customers. The decision was made to unify operating divisions and a new simplified brand structure was created for all under the moniker “Mulvihill”. The divisions are represented as subtext with the emphasis on Mulvihill alone, this is how they were primarily known as in the industry.

The approach to refine and evolve the corporate signature was taken rather than a revolutionary approach. Clarity and approachability was achieved through the use of upper and lower case letters. The symbol was refined to have better balance and cleaner lines, emphasizing the “M” within the pillars.
A comprehensive visual identity program has emerged through the design of corporate stationery, customer publications (annual reports and semi-annual reports), website, signage and print advertising standards.
Brand Partner
Sideren Inc. (Harry Cornelius)


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