TSE becomes TSX


What better time to look at your corporate brand then when you’re gearing up to go public? In July of 2001, Thrive helped bring the Toronto Stock Exchange’s brand in line with its opportunity and growth objectives.

Research told us that the TSE was a trusted and highly regarded company, but lacked the aggressiveness needed to compete on a global scale. Brand fragmentation was part of the problem. The team determined that the TSE would benefit from a new branding hierarchy and visual identity that would allow it to manage its multiple brands more cohesively for greater impact. A parent brand – TSX – would be adopted as the binding element. The Toronto Stock Exchange, along with other brands – existing and yet-to-be-acquired – would become subbrands of TSX.
Thrive designed the TSX signature with an ascending arc that mimics the upward swing of a growth chart and suggests the curve of the globe. Each line of business was brought under the TSX brand with a consistent type treatment, and then distinguished by its own colour palette – allowing it to be seen as part of the whole, and yet distinct.


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Crescent Design


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