Univeris powers the stars


Univeris provides wealth management operating systems to Canada’s leading financial services firms. Although it had the best software and the largest market share, Univeris’ prospects didn’t see it as an enterprise-class firm.

Prompted by a change in the company name, Thrive was invited by one of Canada’s leading brand consultants to be the design partner for a total revamping of Univeris’ brand portfolio and communications.
We began by simplifying and strengthening the company’s identity. Based on the new logo, we developed a brand style that set Univeris apart from the typical approach taken by technology firms. Pervasive use of the two “Univeris blues” and a subtle grid pattern gave Univeris the quiet authority of a confident category leader. This enabled us to be quite bold and conceptual in the imagery and diagrams needed to communicate the company’s true value and difference.
Our work lead directly to Univeris winning a trophy account, and presented the company to current clients in a powerful new light.
Brand Partner
Sideren Inc. (Harry Cornelius)


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